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 case claims

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PostSubject: case claims   Sun May 25, 2014 2:20 pm

The client in this case has requested anonymity for them and their location however we are able to share evidence and claims about the property.  This location is a very large building with many areas however the activity seems to be connected to the rear of the building.  One person has seen the apparition of a person who died in a car crash years ago in the location.  This happened only once however an elderly lady has also been seen on occasion in the location.  Some believe her to be the previous owner or perhaps a nurse or nun from it's time as a convent or military hospital from world war 1 or prior.  

In the basement there are a number of areas that give a very creepy feeling our team will be looking into these areas however during our pre-investigation interviews we did notice that the area is very small and has uneven floors giving someone an almost vertigo or claustrophobic effect which could possibly account for some of the uneasiness in this area.  There is one area of the building near the northern side where activity seems to be most centralized.  Large wooden doors have been known to rattle and shake for no reason also above that in the gym/stage area many people have seen a ball float across the staqe and reported a feeling of being watched.  It's in this area that one person saw the apparition of a young man who died in a car accident appear in front of him briefly.  

Our whole team will be on site for this case as the location is very large.  We are looking forward to the challenge and hope to capture some good evidence in addition to debunking some of the claims we've been informed of.
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case claims
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