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 Investigation notes

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PostSubject: Investigation notes   Sun Jul 20, 2014 4:05 pm

We were joined by two members of the wolastokwik paranormal team for training. They enjoyed the experience as well as learning about all the equipment. From the time we arrived till we left the house did not disappoint. Everyone had feelings of being watched and at one point I personally felt a static charge surrounding me in the dining room.

Another group was speaking to the gentleman who was supposedly murdered and after mentioning his name they heard something moving on the far side of the room. This area also provided us with a very interesting ghost box session in which the same voice came out in answer of our questions on 4 separate occasions.

The house sits in a rural area so the area had no contamination. We are looking forward to the review based on the experiences we all had that night. Hopefully we were able to document some of the activity we all felt in the house.
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Investigation notes
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