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 Claims of activity and background

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PostSubject: Claims of activity and background   Mon Nov 17, 2014 9:25 pm

This location(referred to as the Witches hollow) is considered to be extremely active. We have confirmed that this location was used for at least 35 years as a coven stead for the largest coven of witches in Canada. This was the site of many of their rituals and no one knows what doorways may have been opened. The original building on the site is over 150 years old. Additions have been made to the property over the years but the activity is present all over. Further research is ongoing into the property background.

The owners have had knocks respond to them as well as finish sequences. In the last two months there have been 4 reported sightings of full body apparitions all in different areas of the house. Though the most recent on the newly added porch. We will be attempting to capture these entities as well as a number that have been seen in the surrounding woods. The feeling reported by the owners of the hollow when they first arrived seemed to be negative though that has since left and now they feel safe in the house. Our team is going to attempt to ascertain and document what, if anything, is present at the Witches hollow.
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Claims of activity and background
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