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 Case File claims update

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Case File claims update Empty
PostSubject: Case File claims update   Case File claims update EmptySat Feb 01, 2014 5:14 pm

After speaking with the client this week to confirm our investigation date we were given some new information regarding activity in the house.  The children are no longer living in the house at this time but the sounds of children playing and running around up stairs are frequent.  Also, the homeowner and others have heard running on the stairs followed by the front door opening and closing on it's own on a number of occasions.  We will be looking to debunk this during our investigation.

Also a number of the clients friends were present and all observed a rocking chair in the living room start to rock on it's own.  Everyone promptly left out of fear.  We will be setting up base camp in the area and will monitor the chair and invite whatever was coming to join their party to come and say hi to us.  This will be a training investigation as well as a chance to try out some new equipment we have gained over the holidays including a PSB 7 ghost box. We look forward to whatever the night has in store for us.
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Case File claims update
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