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 Case Results

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PostSubject: Case Results   Case Results EmptySun Feb 09, 2014 5:18 pm

Our investigation gave us some interesting experiences as well as evidence.  For some of our investigators there was a feeling of uneasiness in the house at times.  We caught one interesting evp and had some unexplainable video anomalies none of which were clearly paranormal in nature but still warranted noting.  

Some personal experiences by our team include two investigators in the basement seeing shadows moving behind them near the laundry area of the room.  Also, a loud bang from an empty room upstairs that our investigators react too but were unable to capture on our recorders (a video on youtube shows this as it happened).  Sadly, without confirmation these are just experiences that we take away from this case.  

In the weeks following the investigation our team was in contact with the client regularly and the activity escalated greatly.  Some of the activity was directed at specific members of our team at other times we were witness to some strange and often disturbing events involving our client.  Due to the personal and intimate nature of the activity all the documentation of this case after the initial investigation is being classified as non disclosure.  

In the end the entity was finally removed from the home and the family freed of the evil that was plaguing them.  OPRI has gained some new allies in our quest to aid those dealing with their own paranormal experiences.  We look forward to the next case but will check in on this client in the future to ensure they are safe.  

We have listed this case as closed....for now
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Case Results
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