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PostSubject: Case background   Case background EmptySat Mar 15, 2014 5:38 pm

We were contacted by this client to investigate claims at a private residence in the city of Cornwall Ontario.  This location was said to once be a school house years ago so our research team will be trying to verify that. The activity has been occurring for the past 10 years since the client moved into the residence.  It is also of note that the clients father died shortly before that, as the client believes it may be the spirit of his father who is visiting him.  The client claims to have heard noises such as dishes moving on the counter and the springs of his couch being compressed at night.  Phantom smells like burning rubber have been reported as well as cold spots that seem to move around have been reported in the living room at night also.  The client has felt as though he was touched while lying in bed as well as a friend who felt her hair being brushed.  A previous roommate also heard heavy breathing in his room one night after going to bed.  

At random times the client and his girlfriend claim to feel a very negative feeling in the house.  The client has also had nights where he wakes up feeling  as though someone is on top of him making it hard to breath.  Scratches have been found on the client and his girlfriend in the morning when they wake up some times also.  The client claims that his father was a negative man and would like to see if it is indeed him who is tormenting them and what can be done to help make the activity stop.  We will be looking to verify the claims of activity in the residence as well as checking to see if some of the objects the client has from his father are holding any residual energy or attachments that need to be removed.
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Case background
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