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 Claims by client

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PostSubject: Claims by client   Claims by client EmptySat Apr 19, 2014 10:56 pm

This client came to us after hearing about what happened in case 13-0021020. The client has lived in the area for quite some time and there have been many strange reports. The activity started in a previous property the client and her husband owned. There area was known for having 10 mysterious fires in 50 years on the property. This is odd but not necessarily paranormal. Many things happened there but the couple always shrugged it off as having a natural cause.

They bought a camping trailer after the house they lived in burned down. The previous owner died in the trailer and has been seen by the couple in the hallway previously. Others are thought to have seen him also as they seem to be wary of the trailer when they see it. We hope to spend some time in the trailer if at all possible but that may entail a second investigation.

The property our client is in now is a large one. The clients husband sadly passed away in September it was shortly after that the activity began. The claims in the house are of a shadow of a cat being seen on the front porch when no cats live in the area or can be seen. On one occasion the client went outside after seeing the shadow expecting to see prints in the snow but there were none. This is when she began to think something paranormal is going on. Since then there have been reports of footsteps and noises from areas of the house and on one occasion the faint smell of roses in the kitchen. At times the client believes that it may be her late husband lingering around watching over her.

There appears to also be a darker presence, there have been reports of a black streak or shadow usually seen from the corner of the eye in different areas of the house. Also a few weeks ago just before contacting OPRI the client was reading in bed when she looked up and saw a pair of black eyes that looked almost like a mask that the edges were following in the wind. The client was very afraid of this occurrence and with no possible explanation for this she contacted us looking for our help. We will be investigating this case in order to document and determine what is going on in the area. We will also take necessary steps to remove the dark entities that seem to be bothering this woman.
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Claims by client
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