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 Statement of claims from client.

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Statement of claims from client. Empty
PostSubject: Statement of claims from client.   Statement of claims from client. EmptySun Jun 22, 2014 11:58 am

Here is a statement of claims that was sent to us regarding the claims related to this case by a resident who lived in the house with the previous owners.  This person is of sound mind and body and it is worth noting that the family who owns this house is in fact the father of Ottawa Paranormal Research and Investigations Founder.  
TG wrote:
The first night I spent at the house some weird stuff went on in the upstairs bedroom. I had my closet door shut completely, it was one of the few doors in the house that you had to turn the knob for the door to actually open, my curtains hung up in the window and a lamp plugged in beside my bed. That night I woke up to my closet door being slammed open, my curtains literatly ripped down and the bulb in my light had shattered. I was the only one in the room.
Outside that bedroom, to the left, was a wide open area where the old stairs connected to and also where the door to our attic was located. That one little area always gave me goosebumps, and not just me, almost anyone who walked too close to the door area. When I came up the stairs I had always felt as if someone was standing over the top railing watching me walk down the hall.
Being alone in the house, I've heard things, things that weren't actually happening. You could hear footsteps upstairs and people yelling to you who aren't actually in the house. It felt like the house itself was trying to talk to me.
Outside, in the second wing of the garage, now would be the old stable area, felt the exact same way - goosebumps, uneasy, like something or someone is watching you. I've had babies out in the stable area who would be fine throughout the house, but would scream and wail once we got out there.
There are stories of a person who hung themself in the upstairs closet of my old room, and of a man shooting himself in the stables. I'm not the only one who has felt this way, both my bestfriend and her mother have experienced all of this first hand. Neither one of them felt very protected at that house.

Our team will be attempting to verify the deaths that are claimed at the location.  Also it is of note that 2 years ago a man was killed in a hunting accident in the area but the exact location was never made public so we have know idea how close to the property or if it was on the property that this happened.
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Statement of claims from client.
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