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 Investigation notes

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PostSubject: Investigation notes   Investigation notes EmptySun Jul 20, 2014 3:56 pm

During the night our team did have some personal experiences. Many felt like cobwebs were touching them and feelings of being watched in certain areas. Twice our camera batteries went from full to dead in a matter of minutes. Also still cameras were not working in certain areas but once away from there they were fine. We were also able to debunk some of the claims as electrical issues or high emf readings.

We did have some issues with contamination as it was prom night so there were many people out celebrating and noise from the party was heard in some areas of the site. The sheer size of the location was another challenge but all in all our team rose to the occasion. In the end we did capture some interesting evidence which will be presented soon. Our team enjoyed our time on this case as did the clients who joined us.

Since our visit one area of the location is still making all who are there uneasy but the extremely high emf in that area is likely the cause. We will be investigating this further during our next visit.
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Investigation notes
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