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 Article on the Ghost Box

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PostSubject: Article on the Ghost Box   Article on the Ghost Box EmptySat Aug 30, 2014 4:29 pm

Hello everyone,

I decided to write an article on the ghost box. This article reflects my personnal opinion but is written in a very neutral and scientifical way. Feel free to drop comments and thoughts. Have a good day everyone.


Ghost Box Theory and Analysis

According to the Paranormal Research & Resource Society, ``A ghost box is a communication tool used by some investigators to speak to the other side. Typically, a ghost box is a modified portable AM/FM radio that continuously scans the band. When on, it is believed to create white noise and audio remnants from broadcast stations that entities are able to manipulate to create words and even entire sentences.``  

Invented in 2002 by deceased EVP enthusiast Frank Sumption, who claims he received his design instructions from the spirit world , ghost boxes come in a wide variety of models that scan both AM and FM modulations on frequencies which range approximately between 12-820 MHz.  The most commonly used ghost box model is the P-SB7 which scans 320 FM frequencies between 76-108 MHz.  Although there are numerous models with different capabilities, some people make their own and they can widely be customizable.

But how can they possibly work? Where does this theory stand? Although I have a personal opinion on that subject, I will logically explain to you, in a neutral stand point, the details of the theory (that I am aware of) and provide you with sufficient information for you to make your own opinion.

In theory, the whole reason the ghost box was invented was for extra dimensional ‘’beings’’ to communicate with us. But when we take a step back to look at the theory, and with no baseline or expertise, we assume that these beings can communicate on those general frequencies. A sentient being can attempt to communicate with us either through thought or vocal communication. This communication has a frequency base (wavelengths) like all energy – in this instance it may be sound energy via vocal communication; or if they express themselves via conscious thought, it may be brain wave energy The base wavelengths of a male voice are typically 85-180 Hz and a female voice has typical base wavelengths of 165-255 Hz . But we have no idea if beings from another dimension could communicate on those same wavelengths. Some people claim to have recorded on microphones or even heard beings. If that is true, (and this article is not to argue that point) than it can be scientifically proven that these specific beings were heard on frequencies between 85-255 Hz as they were physically heard. But we still don’t have a baseline proving that all beings communicate on those frequencies or if it even ranges between types of entities.

But one thing is certain; those voices heard and recorded on a microphone could not have been heard simultaneously on a microphone and on a ghost box because of the great difference of wavelength that can be captured between the two. Otherwise, anything that could communicate on such a wide range of frequency (and those specific frequencies) would simply be heard with ear. If they could than we would not need devices. This clearly reduces the potential of ghost boxes and its credibility.

Furthermore, how wide is the electromagnetic spectrum? Well, it is certainly a good thing to read up on that subject as you can understand why investigators use multiple tools (such as the spectrum analyzer) to try and capture evidence. We, humans, one of the most blind specie. The portion of the spectrum that is visible to us is represented in the graphic below between 400-700 nm (nanometer). This mean, if you see a spirit with your eyes, it`s visible within this very limited spectrum.    

Article on the Ghost Box Electr10
If your still following, than picture this. With a ghost box, scanning through waves ranging between 12-820 MHz, you are only adding an infinitely low percentage of the total spectrum that I cannot even begin to calculate. A positive mind would say it is that much more than with just your eyes. This is true until another component comes along, bringing me to my next point. The ghost box scans rapidly through a wide range of frequencies. What is the point? The make myself clear, imagine yourself trying to understand what the anchorman on channel 3 is saying in his news report. While he is talking, the T.V will switch rapidly between hundreds of channels. How are you supposed to catch more than a microsecond of the conversation? Those who still can’t face the truth will say that a being could possibly communicate on multiple frequencies at a time or manipulate the energy and be able to have fractions of his communication heard on the constantly scanning ghost box and have it come out as one beautiful clear answer. Well I say to them that it is EXTREMELY unlikely. But should it be possible, wouldn’t it be easier for them to simply stick to one and communicate on it? Or even do it on the frequencies which can be heard by human ears?

My last point is about the mind. A lot of people may be attracted toward the ghost box because it seems to produce somewhat clear results, which sounds like it`s more than we can say for a lot of things in paranormal investigation. I have personally attended a ghost box communication session only to hear random radio broadcast and see a group of people get excited over what was likely nothing else than the produce of their own imagination and nothing more than parts of radio broadcasts. They were asking questions to the beings in the room and when they heard a noise, they associated it with an answer that would make sense. How is that logical? How could that possibly give you reliable evidence? I’m quite certain that had I thrown myself into the excitement of the situation and waited for someone to ask a question and say that I heard something, anything, others would have said they heard something that resemble that too. If you want to see something so bad, you could end up seeing it. But it would be made up by your mind.

If I throw bones on a table and read your future in them and you happen to believe it, does that make me some sort of shaman? (Sorry for the shamans out there, just an example) There are two ways to approach paranormal investigations. Tell me which one sounds better. You can either be ready to believe anything and take, for example, dust particles and call it a spirit orb every time you deem  it`s one. Or you could try to rationalize what you see and find natural causes until one day you see something that cannot be explained and have something that finally resembles concrete evidence. What is the point of trying to understand the paranormal if we are going to build an erroneous database?

With all this said, and with a neutral, scientific, and logical mindset, it is impossible to say that the ghost box does not work as we do not have 100% of the existing data on paranormal phenomena to corroborate and compare. And trying new things to perhaps one day pierce in that domain is a good thing. Thus, the ghost box is highly likely NOT an effective way to gather evidence.

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Article on the Ghost Box
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