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 Welcome to OPRI's Skeptic's corner.

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Welcome to OPRI's Skeptic's corner. Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to OPRI's Skeptic's corner.   Welcome to OPRI's Skeptic's corner. EmptyFri Sep 05, 2014 10:47 pm

Hi everyone,

I thought I`d start the Skeptic`s corner as there is plenty on this website with regards to theory and that is great. But part of being an investigator, I believe, is to also be capable of logicaly disproving some evidence through logic or science. In no way is this section designed to teach anyone what is true and what isn`t but rather make you think twice about something so you can than make your own opinion on that matter.

First topic will be the Ouija board.
Although I am a very skeptical person, the Ouija board has always been something I held faith in for some reason. This video describes something called the the ideomotor effect―a psychological phenomenon wherein a person makes small physical movements in a subconscious state of mind which is than proven through a scientific/logical design.

Once more, the purpose of this video is not to prove to anyone that Ouija boards are a hoax as that would be a personal opinion and I still stand a believer in them. But it this still makes you wonder...
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Welcome to OPRI's Skeptic's corner.
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