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this location is a private residence in the city of Ottawa. The house has been family owned since it was built 40 years ago. The activity started for the family in 2009 following the death of a family member in the house. Specific details regarding the death will not be published out of respect for the family but one of note is that the body was found in the kitchen. Since that time the brother of the deceased has felt very uneasy in certain areas of the house. Especially the basement and kitchen at night. The basement is where the deceased lived and spent the majority of his time prior to his death.

Currently the house is undergoing some renovations by the son who contacted us. Most of the work being done is in the main floor bathroom and the basement. Over the last six months the activity has seemed to increase. The son has experienced a feeling of being watched in the basement at all times as well as the kitchen at night. Objects have been moved including a picture that was placed on a table while cleaning the shelf it was on. when they turned to put it back it was gone. The woman looked back at the shelf and it was there. Also, often tools will go missing only to reappear later in the place they were left. The mother has seen shadows moving from the corner of her eye generally in the bathroom area. Also the family dog sometimes will just sit and stare from the dining room into the kitchen. They have had the dog for 14 years but this never happened until the activity began.

At night the son has gone to the kitchen for a drink of water and often he will hear what sounds like someone walking on the stairs when no one is there. Lights in the house have been turning on and off by themselves though this sounds to be electrical issues related to the renovations. During our initial walk through we noticed high emf levels in the kitchen and basement area that we will be exploring in more detail during our investigation. Some of these claims may be a result of those readings.

The most shocking claims have come from 2 others not in the family. A young girl that is a gifted sensitive came to the house with her mother and while there she told them she could see a man in the kitchen. She believed him to be lost and confused. She had no prior knowledge of the brother or the family but was able to give some remarkable details about them that were confirmed by the family. Also one of the neighbors across the street looked out one night a few weeks ago and saw a man sitting on the porch. After a few minutes he stood up and disappeared.

The family believes that it is their lost relative that is still lingering in the house. They do not feel threatened in any way but are asking us to come and confirm and debunk what we can of their experiences. Finally, if the brother is still lingering there as suspected they would like us to help him on his way into the light so that he can finally be at peace.
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Case Claims
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