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 Investigation notes

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PostSubject: Investigation notes   Investigation notes EmptyThu Nov 27, 2014 11:35 pm

The witches hollow lived up to it's name. We were surprised by a few things on site and sadly were unable to investigate a few areas due to the weather. The main house was the focus of our investigation this time and we did have a few experiences. Prior to the cameras recording our Tech manager saw what looked like a cats tail twice in the mirror room. Also during our customary team protection prayer a loud audible moan was heard by all 6 team members. No equipment was running but we will never make that mistake again. Also at a later point in the inside temple sounds of an animal on the roof were heard though the incline was very steep. This has a natural cause and is only mentioned as a few seconds later our full spectrum camera battery went dead from full charge. This is only one hour into our investigation when the battery usually lasts about 4 or more. our audio recorders still ran as we left that room and moved to the mirror room. This room felt off to all our investigators during set up no one wanted to be in there. Our Occult Specialist who owns the property will explain more in a separate post regarding the history of the hollow soon. while there the scratching continued until finally we received an extremely loud bang. Our first thought was a door slamming from someone going outside though a quick call to base camp revealed they heard nothing even though the noise seemed closer to them than us. An investigator went to look outside and found no evidence of animals or anyone else in the area. We were in a rural location so the property is surrounded by a wildlife fence to keep large predators out. After this all sensitives mentioned that the energy on site seemed to dissipate completely. From that point on there were no more experiences. We will be returning in the spring or summer to investigate further and spend some time on the grounds.

We were fortunate to have Our friend Shaman Leslie J. Hart from Rhode Island join us on this case. He felt many things down the path leading to the barn temple especially but we were unable to properly investigate that area. Later in the night Leslie along with a few other investigators made their way to the temple to see what would transpire but as he said all the energy was gone. The owners themselves said the hollow has never felt so calm in the months they have owned it. We have no explanation for what we experienced that night and this entry may seem incomplete but we will be returning to the hollow once the warmer weather arrives to allow us to fully investigate this property.

We will disclose all info from the outer areas that was picked up and reported once we have had a chance to investigate these areas more thoroughly.
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Investigation notes
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