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 Investigation Notes

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PostSubject: Investigation Notes   Investigation Notes EmptySun Dec 28, 2014 4:31 pm

During the night we were plagued by some contamination issues due to the clients pets as well as from people outside enjoying the mild summer night. We only hope that during our review that it will not affect our evidence.

The sensitives on site did report feeling a pain in their chests at the spot where the husband of our client had passed away from a heart attack a few months prior as well as a dark female presence upstairs. During the evening at one point all of our team heard a loud bang like something slamming into the side of the house directly above where our base camp was set up. We were able to see outside on all sides and saw no one there also two investigators went to see if something had been thrown or possibly an animal had caused it but found nothing. We hope that we were able to capture the event on audio as shortly before that the camera in use by our team upstairs at the time had lost power shortly before. We are not considering it energy drain as the battery had been in use for about 3 hours already and may have simply run out of time. We will know more after review.

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Investigation Notes
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