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 Case conclusions

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PostSubject: Case conclusions   Case conclusions EmptySun Dec 28, 2014 4:40 pm

All of our audio evidence was contaminated from the animals in the house.  Any possible evps or noises have been disregarded due to this.  The loud bang that was heard by the team was not recorded on any of our equipment sadly though we did capture a strange video in the upstairs area not long into the investigation.  We have attempted to debunk this however have been unsuccessful in recreating it.  We are not labeling it as paranormal and at this time it remains unexplained.  Following our investigation we performed a standard blessing and cleansing.  

The activity seems to have quieted in the weeks following our visit though the family still feels uneasy in the house.  We are will revisit this location with bishop Plato so that he can perform a clergy blessing of the house and confirm that any spirits trapped on the grounds are freed.  This case will remain open and on going for the time being.
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Case conclusions
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