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 Investigation Notes

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PostSubject: Investigation Notes   Investigation Notes EmptySun Dec 28, 2014 4:47 pm

During the night our sensitive picked up on the spirit of the brother who passed in the house early in the night though he seemed to leave shortly after our arrival. It seemed that he was lingering and watching over them waiting for them to cross with him. Our investigation was uneventful and after a short time some other family members came to the house causing us to call an end to the investigation early.

One thing we did note is that the area of the basement where the family reports the most activity was very high in EMF. We traced it to a pipe running from the hot water heater. This pipe also runs directly under the area of the kitchen where the clients have said to be a hot spot for activity also. We believe that this is a likely cause for all the activity. Either by a sensitivity to EMF by one of the residents or by allowing the spirit of the brother to gain the energy he needs to manifest. We hope to know more after analysis.
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Investigation Notes
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