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PostSubject: Tell us your experience   Tell us your experience EmptyTue Aug 27, 2013 10:00 pm

Almost everyone has had or knows someone who has had a paranormal experience or story.  

After all my years of researching, investigating and following the paranormal I find that it's a topic that everyone has an opinion of.  Some think it's all in your head others every piece of dust in a picture is a ghost and all points in between.  The one thing that seems constant is that no matter what they say their views are everyone is quick to tell there paranormal story.  At OPRI we are interested in hearing them all and to show we are no different than any one else our investigators and staff will be posting their reasons for following the paranormal.

Here's how I started as a ghost hunter 20 years ago:
I grew up living on the east coast of Canada to a family of undertakers.  I spent alot of time in the family funeral home as a kid (much to my mother's objections) while there at night helping my father and grandfather with cleaning in the chapel or casket building area we would frequently hear noises and find objects moved.  On numerous occasions we would see shadows and I and my father have personally witnessed a full bodied apparition that would leave the embalming room and go down the stairs to the casket show room and workshop.  Unfortunately my family lost the funeral home when I was about 12.  The building sat empty for years till it was purchased by the village.  We were approached numerous times about what we had seen by the staff because they were seeing it also.  To this day absolutly no one goes into the basement (workshop) at night alone and the copy room (embalming room) they avoid being alone if at all possible, even though the room is only the size of a large closet. (8' X 8' if memory serves me correctly)

Since that time I've lived in two notably haunted houses one here in Ottawa and the other back in my home town.  Each of these has given me and many others more experiences and further fueled my passion to research and investigate the paranormal, but those are tales for another day.  

Feel free to reply with why you are interested in the paranormal and what experiences you've had.
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us your experience   Tell us your experience EmptyWed Nov 06, 2013 10:03 pm

I must say, living in a funeral home must have been a huge experience. Although, that is the premise for the true story of the haunting in Connecticut!

As for my own experience, My family has had constant run ins with haunting's of different types. There was a ghost that befriended my eldest sister when she was a little girl, and my mom didn't believe her until she saw, and talked with, the ghost. There was never a problem with the man in plaid shit, as he was a very playful and loving ghost. He did not follow our family when they moved ( I say they as I wasn't born yet).

When I was 10 we moved down the street from my grandmother. We had always lived in the same city so I had already spent a huge volume of time at her house and knew of the weird things that would happen. During the day, you could here foot steps walking down the halls. my sisters and I also knew the differences between her house (made in the 50's) settling and the sound of foot steps. Nighttime saw an increase in the footsteps once my grama had gone to bed. things would move. something would often move just outside the corners of your eyes.

When we did move down the street from my grama, the occurrences also started happening at our new house (maybe 20 yrs old at the time). The only difference was that things went missing into thin air for various periods of time ( I mean being alone at home, and putting something down, turning around and its gone), and the foot steps would walk AND run all over the house.

When my grama started into her final years and we were moving her into our home, I was there for the first time in my life ( I was 17). The feeling of malevolence that existed in her basement flooded the house. The footsteps became loud and intensified. What was worse was the shadow that had lived in the corners of our eyes stepped out and stood in the doorway of my room when I was turning to leave. I called my mom to come and stay with me (she grew up in the house). Needless to say she was there in 5 min to get me, and would not go past the doorway as both of us had every hair on end. My sister purchased the house and suffered many of the weird happenings that lasted even after my grama had passed away. I always wondered if it was a poltergeist feed by my grama, but from what happened to my sister was too mischievous and took the form of a little girl asking for help. the house has been cleansed a few times and things have stopped.

When my grama did move in with us for a short period of time, my other sister and i watched my grama levitate and be thrown of our stairs. Probably one of the most disturbing things Ive ever seen until...

we moved again to another house. This place was owned by a women who was single and had a son in a wheelchair. they had both passed away outside of the home. However the mother had decided to stay there. The footsteps were a daily occurrence, as were the cold pockets (that moved at pace down hallways). The thing that sealed the deal for me was the thick black clouds that moved in the house. I thought I was just hallucinating, but when my mom finally put a chair in the room to stand on as she waved her hands through it we all witnessed the cloud passing through a wall together. Those clouds would suck heat out of everything. At least there was never a scary feeling in that house. It was always calm and loving.

Ive had plenty of other happenings, but I have not yet been able to get documented proof. This is of huge importance to me. Furthering paranormal science is something that has always been a life goal. I hope to be able to do this here!
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PostSubject: my experience through life   Tell us your experience EmptySun Nov 10, 2013 9:11 pm

Hi my name is Jaybee and I live in Norway. I'm 23 and I have experience a weird things happen way back started when I was 8 - 17 age. I'm born in Philippines and my mother married to a Norwegian man and move in Norway when I was 11. And excuse me for my english writing, you might find it some wrong grammar anyway.

We certainly knows that kids experience more of paranormalities than mature adults, may have seen and live to forget some horrible things that you see seems really creeping you out, but some weird things are also good but you never understand them prequently. I have some of short-long story and some of them it's really hard to figure out what and what's happen. Sometimes people may find them terrifying and just forget about all things happen so you can live a nice healthy life. I more for one did that same, live and forget but you will never forget those bumpy feelings that your hair in youre body raise up when you feel the paranormal that you would never want to believe about it. I will tell you my first experience because that was the moment I could not ever forget, and so on with many other specific story line, I can't make a list from 1 to 10 my story going to be back and fort cause I only remember those bad, awfull and terrified moment. And some of paranormal actually quiet friendly.

# The facts about me between horrifying words
I was 8 years old lived with my grandmother that my mother sisters house together with my cousin. My cousin always love to scare me with dark places and telling me some horror stories. That time I had problem to sleep at night without lights on and certainly I wouldn't want to sleep alone. I know from the start that I ask my mother is ghost are real? She said no. Only stupid people who believe that, somehow I found it that she encourage me to not fear of anything. Because she knows I'm terrified of scary things and I would be always be scared for the rest of my life. And she said that I was so ugly that the ghost are the one who should be scared of me, and that give me braveness and proud. So I try'd not to hear and understand any jokes and scary story for me to be more calm and comfortable.

My first experience of creepy things # sounds, winds and shadow
Here it goes, me and my cousin walking out at night and the streets we live inn, have lots of gardens and tree's and only one lined of houses and street lights. Between line up of the streets lights, the spot lights facing down the ground and only shine about 2-3 diameters. So you can see a bright light when you step in the ring and see the next spot light shine bright about 20-30 meters away fully pitch black at night cause not so many people live in that area. My cousin mom call to stay with her just one night in cause shes alone and feel ensecure that time. The house acsually is not only house but small glosarry or small store that people buy their near place. We walk out the house, open the gate's, suddently a cold wind just happen to appear from nowhere and of course my cousin starting to make a joke on me with "bohoo" ghost thing. Then Douche bag just ran off to her mom house about 50-60 meters away from my grandmother house and I said you go ahead I go back inside and he said, I'm sorry I was only joking around you scared of the dark. "Tease" Well I said I'm not afraid of the dark, well what you waiting for let's go as he said. Well I took it as a man and ran straight to her mom house. We are their and her mom ask how are you guys well of course I told her that he trying to scare me, and she does not tolerate that, she knows that I'm afraid of scary things. My cousin got pinch in the ear and hes mad at me, anyway she said 5 a.m in morning she have to go work and we welcome to stay as long we wanted. Bla bla bla ect. watching tv I felt to sleep, I woke up when suddent wind just blown through the room and somehow the doors are open. The room is just dark no lights and I can see the streets light just outside the door. And there I was thinking where is everyone, stand up quickly turn on the lights and seems to be brown-out. I yelled for my cousin and her mom no one anser. I cover myself under the blanket and close my eyes and hope this is not happening. Suddently I heard a "squicky" noise that sounds like someone just open the kitchen door and slam. I remember I said Hello and yelled the name of my cousin and her mom, are you their? no one anser, then the noise comes again "boom" someone slamming the door. I peek out under my blanket and saw the eyes that look just like a cat eyes laying from the ground at the kitchen door, that sterring at me, and I said their name again Is that you? stop hiding! It didn't replied, this one I couldn't discribe cause I was starting to panic, I don't know if the eye's just floating from the ground to the air or a man laying down and raise up. Either way I didn't want to find out, I ran out and fleeing to my grandma house, still dark I saw the streets lights I took my chance to stand on that lights I felt secure, I ran to the next spot lights somehow my mind going crazy, breathing hard don't know what to do. I start to think unless I'm standing on the spot light I will be ok, looking towards and I can see the lamp lights in my grandma house "don't know how far was that" And I took it as run for it, but I was scared to ran for the next spot light its so dark between light to lights. I look behind where my cousin mom house door left open, I don't know what it was I saw but it was so fast look like a shadow that are running toward me. I scream and ran as fast as I can and don't look back. At the moment I reach the house open the gate start to yelled and trumbling with my hands on the door and said open up the door. My elder cousin open the door quickly and steer at me with a big eye was shocking of my behaviour and start to wondering what's happen, he said I was mad and the rest of the family tough it's sounds like someones getting killed or something. I said to my cousin and her mom why did you left me their alone? She said we went and borrow some candle lights with grandma cause it's brown out just for a minute, we going back. And I think I painted and the last words I heard was "What happen to you?" next day I woke up seems like nothing happen or it just I don't want to remember it. "sign I don't know if this a dream or imagination I just can't tell, all I know I was terrified, shock my body goes cold and hardly breathing". Based of what I wrote weren't exactly accurate but specific details that you would never forget, that's all I remember the most.

# House alone with my young sister and baby sister - movement and terrifying sound wave
All I remember it was night, my parents were out on casino. And I was left incharge in the house, I was young and stubborn I though I stay up night and play my Nitendo Games cause no one tell me to go sleep. My young sister woke up crying and said where is mama? they went to play casino they be back early morning, now go to bed. She said she couldn't sleep cause she was scared, and I said you can sleep on the sofa, she and my baby sister sleep in the same room, I went to check on her if she was ok. Went to the room and start to realise what my sister told me that she was scared and I check my baby sister sleeping tight, but I grab her anyway so incase if something happen with her and place her in the sofa instead. It's getting too late and I went to the bathroom I saw a someone jumping over the fence through window but its was dark and the shadow must have been reflected by the lights of neighbors. I immediently call the police, and report for someone were jumping over our fence and I don't know what it was, " telefon# bla bla bla chit chat all I remember they said that I might just saw something or I'm just tired, I told them my parents went out for casino will be back laiter on" before hang up the phone I told them I'll call back when something goes bad. After a while I heard sounds like someone trying to break inn the house, I went see by the window no one is their. Then another sounds like trying to break inn the house this time is the back door of the house. I got panic and ran for the phone and call the police. I told them whats going on and what sounds I heard and nobody there. Last I heard they said they going to send someone for look out. We are actually in living room and I'm waiting for the police to come here, my sisters are fine they sleeping and I happen to be scared the whole time. Police never came but their is one loud sounds like someone smash our jalousie window a window that made of glass slats set in metal clips that can be open and close unison. It came from my sisters room, and my sisters woke up of that clashing sounds of glass been broken, my baby sister I think she was 4 at that time start crying and my sister nervously said whoes that? I said dont know but we need to get to our parents room. I grab both of them in our parents room and lock the doors, and open the lights. We all sitting and waiting on the same spot "closet", sooner they start nervously crying and I for one told them to be quiet. They couldn't stop shaking and crying somehow I'm starting to feel crying aswell. Mean while I saw a car lights beans through our parents windows and I said It must be mom and dad, I ran quickly to unlock the door and check through living room window, still dark and no one their, my sisters ran along with me and yelled as crying mama! I said hssh... It's not them. I and my sister went and check their room wore the glass slats window just broke and turn on the lights, and I saw 3 pieces of glass slats were broken and said a roberry can't fit through that it's too small plus their are protected bars outside window. Now we felt secure and happy, and yet we still lock us inside our parents room, hiding inside the closet, lights open and waiting for our parents to come home. I heard the telefon rang we quickly rush out of the room cause the phone are in living room and our mother calls and said you still not in bed? Where is our babysitter? Shes not here as I said and told them everything whats going on in here. After my sisters done talking to my mom she said she will the call the babysitter and come here right away, she couldn't leave father alone drank himself out and causing trouble in casino. Any minute she call back and said babysitter will be home asap, we sat their in the living room and wait, untill these weird sound just bounce from back door to living room. It sounds like deep deep dark tone trumphet been blown "hard to describe what sounds like" and some the decaration fell off, I felt the wave of the sound from my bear feet to my chest, the hair on my arms raise and back of my head & neck felt a cold wind passing by and we were nervously shock, panic, scream. Ran off again to our parents room. Well their was something missing too I remember I was tired and scared of my baby sister screaming I cried and put her outside the room for a sec don't know why I did that, but just got more worst and immediently open the door and said I'm sorry and grab her back into the room and I saw a glimpse of a white dust or light "my memory it's blurry still trying to figure out what I saw" and it floating from the kitchen then disappear like it faded out. "It look like a woman floating but walking through the kitchen but I can't confirm it right" I'm stupid yes I shouldn't done that to my sister and this made my life so protective with my sister even school. Yes don't know if my young sister saw what I saw, doesn't matter I yelled at it and said GO AWAY!. (after that the babysitter finally home and we all told what happen and we slept in the same room together.) Thats all I remember.

# Old women and Old man - sad, crying and smile
I don't know how old I was back then, I think it was time of where only me and my brother and mom that I know. My mother always busy she left me with grandma shes not been visiting me that often in that time. I also have a babysitter that doesn't allow me to do almost everything, it's like standing behind the bars! that's was it feels like. When I'm living with grandma I feel like I'm free and go out anywhere I want to go, their are a old couples living together I happen to cross by and they are very welcoming such a kid like me, they gave me food and drinks and we talk, we have some laught and starting to get know each other. Everytime I went to school I cross by their house they always say hello and gave me extra food for my lunch box, in free time I hang out with them. One day I came across their house and I saw lots of people surrounding their gates in circle, I sneak inside on the ring of these crowded people their I saw the Old lady holding someone hands that laying on the ground and crying, I couldn't bearly see whoes laying on the ground cause of people are crowded around in tight spot and that Old lady shes the one who always give me food when I visit them. I also wondering why shes crying and where is her husband? I couldn't take a better look cause someone told me to back off drag me and said this is not for kids to see. I was piss on that man who drag me out and I want to see if the Old lady was ok, the man said go home this is family matters. Their I went home and come back the next day, and visit their house again to see if shes ok, when I got to her gates they usually call and greets me but that time I saw her sitting down the chair with sad and emotional. I said grandma "even its not my grandma" whats wrong? and she said something that I couldn't possibly understand. It was some humble, crying and memories she mumbles about the old man. (What about to come this is the amazing thing happen to me.) I said hey Old man why grandma is sad? She look at me shock and turn around, and said who you talking too? Old man just turn around and walk inside the house. She said oh dear, I know you miss him too, more as I do, It's ok boy. I see this brown big case placed on the table were the Old man love to eat, I come closer and glimpse of the moment before I saw it was looks like the Old man that I know laying in that box (I didn't know what it call that time and I didn't know what it was a funeral.) It's a coffin where the Old man laying in their and his skin were purple ish "can't remember" I said you look like him but not in the same color, I call the Old man and said hey Old man their someone looks like you. Old lady starting act angry and told me to keep in yourself your going crazy. She said it out loud that he died yesterday with a heart problem "or I think it was". She crumble down her knee and cried and I don't know to do, I hold her hands and she hug me, everything in my mind started a reaction and begin to open up my eyes and said to myself he can't be dead hes right here beside you with his arm on your shoulders and smiling at us. (I don't know why I didn't feel sad or cried on that moment I found out his dead but I was shock! I tried to tell her but I didn't want her to cry more.) Thats all I remember. I don't know what I see it might be hallucinate or imagination but there is no explanation, it all happen too fast. I couldn't open my mouth to tell everyone what I saw cause I'm afraid of paranormal, I kept it inn me now I can finally let go of this memory even if its true or not what I saw It stuck in my head for very long time. After that I never saw anything unusual like this after people died. (This effect my mind to forget all what happen and what I saw, It makes me now not to believe in ghost maybe it was just a hallucinate.)

# I will also tell you about what I felt but not seeing it from the first house we live inn Norway
The details about the house it's new refurbished from outside but inside looks like 80 years old materials. Their were once a man here lived alone know as Nikolai, my step father said he was tall and very skinny guy when my step dad wore a teenager. I didn't ask where he died grow old cause I know it will bugged me forever, my older brother is also scaring when I was little but this time he scared for himself. All family went out to visit our step aunt except my older brother left behind the house for 1 night, he called us in the middel of the night and said their something weird going on the lights in the house is blinking on and off. He was wondering how it works with the fuse box and the plugg and how he replace it a new one if the plugg were worn out again and he ask where the flash lights too, my step dad laugh and said Its just a bad weather outside today don't worry. Next day we arrive home my brother slept downstairs in living room instead of upstairs were everybody rooms is, cause its more creepy looking up their and more koozie downstairs. My brother told me what he experience by way he said it, told the story smiling laughing teasing whatsoever sounds like hes joking around but I believe him cause I have been through such a thing. I just can't believe hes so giggling all about this thing he heard someone walking down the stairs, the lights in the house going crazy like a christmas lights and some slap in the wall. I told him he was a chicken just to clear my mind to what horrified things he just experience.
---> connection to the story
This one I don't remember when it happen, I heard my sister shouting in the bathroom and crying and we all heard it. My step dad trying to open the door and it seems lock, she must lock herself inside, he went around outside the house where a small opening window in the bathroom that he can't fit inn to get through, not even my elder brother. My mom is outside the bathroom door and trying to talk to her and calm her down. And I have to squeeze my body through that tiny window to get inside the bathroom and unlock the door, we didn't even know what happen to her, all she just said I'm trying to get out but it lock me inside and she panic and scream. I tryd to ask her for more details but seems like she doesn't remember whats actually happen.
--->connection to the story
This time it's my turn, I think I was 12 or 14 age. My brother I think he was starting in school he wasn't been home for don't know how long. I was left alone in the house I was thinking to invite some friends or girls to sleep over night, I had a crush on a girl that I really hopes she comes along, but sight it turns upside down, their parents didn't allowed them to sleep over night but they can come and visit. Sadly no one came but one truely friend just happen to stay with me and watch movie, play games you name it. After 12 at night everything staring to be quiet, the strong wind outside it's more calm and can't hear anymore of swoosh wind sound effecting the wall or don't know where that sound has to make proberbly the house it's old. Suddently the tv shut off the lights blinks 2 times i guess?, and my friend said their a ghost in here! I said shut up! and turn the tv on. In anymoment the door in the basement slap open and close, we heard from downstairs, then the lights start blinking again. My friend start yelling theirs a ghost in this house! he went crazy and run out the door took hes bike and went home, I was piss because I have to deal with this alone. I didn't sleep upstairs cause it's looks creepy and darky in their, I slept instead in the sofa "living room". Yet again I though I heard something walking down stairs, but this was coming from the basement, my mind went crazy! I went aggressive. Then the lights went, I felt treaten and rushly went find my wooden baseball bat, and just cursing, yelled and shouting WHERE THE F# ARE YOU? I yell GO AWAY! And making a angry voice sounds. To be honest I went mad, I didn't have control of myself, everything from my body fills up with anger my back of the neck turns cold, my hair raised up, in that time I didn't know what I was doing. I saw through my eyes, I see foggy, clouds things, I ran out the house and started to kick the door in the basement, and yelled WHAT!?. Suddently the lights went back on, in the basement, downstairs and the kitchen, I went up and cool my self down, watch some comedy movie, then felt to sleep. (After what happen to me and what I felt, experience the paranormalities just doesn't play a trick on me no more.) "Investigation it might be the house its too old and the plugging system on the fuse box its un-updated." Don't know I don't care I feel differently for that moment until now.

I have a lot more things I experience but low activity when I was younger, but some of my memories are too blurry to remember it. I only remember most of extremely usual behaviaour and some emotional things. The things that you can't forget forever.                    
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