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 Investigation Notes

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PostSubject: Investigation Notes   Investigation Notes EmptyFri Mar 20, 2015 4:08 pm

The night started a little late due to a snow storm taking place but it subsided soon after we began.  During the course of the night our skeptic Danielle felt at one point as though something touched her back.  She thought it was the closet door and moved backwards to see how close it was.  It was more than a foot away we caught this on the DVR also at the same time the crew watching the monitor believes they saw something though we won't know for sure until the analysis is completed.  

Sensitive Craig was present for the investigation though his feelings were odd.  He felt one room was different than the others but was unable to truly explain what he was feeling.  We were able to deploy the Kinect camera on this case as well as attempting some new tactics during EVP sessions.  We look forward to seeing how those turned out during the review process.  

Over all the night seemed quiet and we hope that we have been able to gather enough data to give the client the answers they are looking for regarding what is happening in their house.
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Investigation Notes
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