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This case takes place within the city of Ottawa the clients have lived at their current address for a number of years. There have always been little noises or events but most have been debunked or shrugged off as the house settling. That changed 6 months ago when the family decided to move. Since then activity has begun to increase.

One night in bed alone the man of the house awoke when something pulled the sheets off of him. A loud disembodied voice was heard on another occasion yelling obscenities at him. He has experienced something similar to sleep paralysis (Which does occur naturally). There have been objects moved or hidden. One night while in bed the couple heard a creaky board outside their room. They were the only ones home and the only way to make the noise is directly standing on the board. The husband got up to investigate but found no one there. We will be attempting to debunk these as well as find alternate explanations for what the family have experienced.

The final straw came when after leaving the shower on day the husband cleared the steam from the mirror to shave and saw a pair of small child like legs run by the bathroom door in the mirror (again no one else was home at the time). The husband and wife have both seen the apparition of an older woman with a black cloak and long hair. She has appeared at two places in the house. This prompted the family to contact us.

The children have not been affected by any of this until recently. The eldest son experienced someone pushing him down on his bed by the shoulder a week prior to our meeting the client. This escalation has caused us to move up our investigation so that we can do what we can to help this family find solace in their once peaceful home.
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Case Claims
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