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 Investigation Notes

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PostSubject: Investigation Notes   Investigation Notes EmptyWed May 20, 2015 8:25 pm

This is our second Trip to the Witch Hollow and the night did not disappoint. Upon our arrival to the location the team began to move the equipment out of the car into the building while doing so the basement door which is rather heavy and latched securely opened by itself also the light bulb on a pull cord turned on at the same time. None of our investigators were in the area prior and only the owner noticed when moving to look for some spare chairs for our team.

We conducted our walk through of the grounds outside prior to entering the house since our last investigation focused mainly on the house due to the weather. At one point we came to a hill at the top of what is known as the Chakra walk. While there all our investigators felt a hot humid wind almost like from a furnace though we could see no reason for it the heat for miles and the ambient temperature was only 9 C we are at a loss to explain it.

Near the barn temple lead investigator John thought he saw something in the trees thinking it an animal he approached. a few feet out he felt tingling all over and our guest medium/energy worker Bret Yacobucci of Project Sirius CKW yelled that there were two entities near him at the same moment. It is only a personal experience but the event was caught on tape.

Later at an area known as pan's labyrinth the whole team heard what sounded like mice on the leaves though we could see none on the IR or Full Spectrum Cameras. It was there that members of the team saw a single leaf slowly lift and float for a few seconds before slowly lowering itself back down to the ground. It's unknown at this time if that image was captured but we are still reviewing all the evidence. The movement of a single leaf in this manner and speed is incredibly strange though we are not prepared to call it paranormal at this time.

All members of the team present that night felt watched all over the grounds so that was where we concentrated our sweeps once the equipment was running. There were multiple sightings by everyone of shadows the most intriguing was in the barn temple with Lead Investigator John and Lead sensitive craig along with Trish our new recruit.

John saw a tall shadow in the shape of a head through a large gap in the logs on the outside of the building it quicky ducked down and Craig who was closest made his way there to see that no one was present. The other side of the wall was an outdoor stage made of plywood and anyone walking on it would have been heard that close. We are reviewing to see if Trish's camera captured an image of the entity. Cold spots were found multiple times also and documented on our equipment.

The inside of the hollow was quiet on this night but the outside was very active and we look forward to returning in the fall to investigate again and see what we can capture this time.
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Investigation Notes
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