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 Case update

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PostSubject: Case update   Case update EmptyFri Apr 29, 2016 7:25 pm

During the investigation we did not pick up on much with the equipment though we did have a strange hit on the Kinect camera. Sadly, though due to an equipment malfunction we did not get it recorded. We did also hear a few knocks and bangs but none were picked up by our recorders.

Our sensitives were able to pick up on an older gentleman who the family was reporting to have seen using Julie as an interpreter we were able to speak with this man and find out he was the original owner of the house who died of a mysterious illness and was unaware he had passed. We were able to cross him as well as two other human spirits from the home. In the weeks following the sightings stopped however activity is still present. At the location and centered around the children. We are returning the house with Bishop Angelakis as a precaution and to bless and clear any negative entities that may be at the location.

It is worth noting that our equipment did detect the presence of infrasound in the house also which could be potential natural cause for the activity that the family is reporting. During our return visit we will be keeping this in mind and also looking for a potential source of the infrasound. We hope to have some final closure for this family on this visit.
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Case update
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