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 Types of hauntings

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This is a list of the classifications of the most common types of hauntings that can occur.

Natural Haunt  A natural haunt is initially unexplained phenomenon that occurs and that upon investigation is found to be caused by natural occurrences. For example, lights flickering that are caused by loose connection or faulty wiring, noises that are found to be caused by pipes, animals, tree limbs, etc., apparitions that are found to be caused by mirrors, lighting, and reflections, etc.  It’s the easiest to determine and explain to the client, but most times leaves the client feeling foolish.  In these cases it helps to be understanding with the clients feelings and reassuring that they do not need to feel foolish.  Natural Haunts happen to everyone at some point.

Residual Haunt  A residual haunt is the next most common type of haunt. These are the cases where the same apparition, noise, or occurrence happens in the same pattern, usually at the same time.  It can be something that happens daily, monthly or once a year. It may not always occur at the same time, but it will always occur in the same manner.  These haunts are best explained as an imprint made in time, like a recording. There is no spirit actually present, only the energy of a past occurrence. There is no danger in this type of haunt and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It is something that you either have to accept or move on.

Intelligent Haunt  An intelligent haunt possesses a human personality and seems to have and to react to emotions.  It will react to its environment and seem to try to communicate with the living, sometimes by moving furniture, appearing, making sounds, etc.  They can appear as a full apparition, mist, shadow, orb. They can appear or verbally communicate to a certain person or a group, or in photos and EVPs. Their emotions can range from contentment, hopelessness, loneliness, confusion, and anger. They can and will act out their emotions as well as react to the emotions of the living.  It can be very unstable in dealing with this type of haunt. It is extremely important to keep your emotions in check while investigating.

Poltergeist Haunt  The poltergeist haunt can be very terrifying. Activity will include a combination of knocks, bangs, furniture and items moving or being thrown, voices and apparitions. Poltergeist activity seems to increase and gain strength over time and is often negative or angry.  In most poltergeist haunting there is almost always a female teenager living in the home or a very high level of stress in the home. Poltergeist seems to be closely connected or affected by one person in particular in the home.  Often poltergeist is a result of several spirits feeding off the negative energy in the home and pooling that energy together. A poltergeist may appear and disappear without warning. Activity can occur for days and then stop suddenly and not happen again for months or years.  A poltergeist haunt closely resembles and could very well be an intelligent haunt with one exception; poltergeist is extremely more active than an intelligent haunt and is centered on anger.  Poltergeist activity could easily be mistaken for a demonic haunt, however there are elements in a demonic haunt that are not found in the poltergeist haunt.  The best way to deal with the poltergeist haunt is to find the root of the anger or the stress that it feeds on and try to eliminate it.  Again, it is extremely important for you to keep your emotions in check and never deal with a poltergeist haunt in anger or in a negative way.

Demonic Haunt  The demonic haunt is very rare and very easy to identify, if it’s not hiding. Signs of a demonic haunt are a revolting stench of sulfur or rotting flesh, growling, howling, pushing, shoving, hitting, scratching, air will feel thick, temperature extremely warm, and black masses.  A demon can take on any form, most commonly half man, half animal. In most cases, the demons will hide from an investigator, but if confronted by the investigator, will feel threatened and appear in a human form, often as a child. It is more important to assess the activity before you arrived rather than during the investigation.  The goal of demons is to break a persons free will in order to  possess. This can take days, months or years; time is of no concern to demons. However when dealing with a demonic haunt, time is of the essence. They hate mankind and try to cause as much destruction and pain as possible. Demons cannot be destroyed and can only be removed through exorcism and cleansing.  If you find that the haunt is demonic, refer the client to someone who is qualified to do an exorcism and cleansing. (And don’t hang around for it to play with you, leave as quickly as possible. Your presence can only worsen the situation.)
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Types of hauntings
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