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This case has been brought to us by another group who has previously investigated. The home is currently empty as the owners are preparing to move to a smaller location. The claims of the location range from the sounds of children playing though none are present. They have heard scratching at walls with no known cause. The family dog passed in November but prior to that it would stare and bark at the front entry way at random times as though it was seeing something. The daughter had reported feeling as though she was being watched from her room while outside as well as seeing a female figure that appeared to be soaking wet. This is significant as an unsolved murder known as the Nation River Lady occurred very close to location. In addition the mother and father have seen the apparition of an older gentleman in the home at times before.

The history is interesting as the area is mainly family owned in the area with multiple deaths linked to the immediate area. The original home owner was found to have killed a woman near by on the road though most details of that are sketchy and we are attempting to gather more info that. Also, the brother of that individual committed suicide in a barn that still stands nearby to this day. Either of these may be the individual that the family has reported seeing though we suspect the most likely is the gentleman who was the original owner.

During our investigation there was little activity though a few of our personnel did report experiencing some cold spots in the basement. Also during previous visits the previous team reported multiple equipment issues though this did not happen during our visit. We are looking for natural causes from what we have collected during the night. At the conclusion of our visit Bishop Angelakis blessed the house and absolved any lost or scared spirits in an attempt to put an end to the activity and set the lost souls to rest as a precaution. Currently, we are in the process of reviewing the data and will monitor to see if the reported activity returns or if the cause of the activity has been solved from the recent renovation to remove flood damage in the basement area though no mold or high EMF was found.
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Case Claims
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