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The reports first started for our client when they moved into this location last summer. Neighbours told them the house was haunted and no one has been able to stay there longer than 6 months. The activity has increased over the time they've been there but hasn't shown any real sign of evil intent from what we've been able to ascertain.

The claims are sounds like someone going up and down the stairs. Which one individual has seen a shadow on 2 separate occasions on the stairs(we are hoping to speak to the witness soon). 4 people witnessed a rocking chair in the living room begin rocking slowly on it's own for 10 minutes. This happened in July. There are reports of temperature fluctuations in the basement although our initial inspection shows these most likely are related to natural drafts and proximity to the heating vents. Also, feelings of being watched have been traced to a ground wire conducting through the copper pipes of the water heater and gas line creating a fear cage in the area. We will place a static camera to confirm just in case but we believe the activity in the basement to be debunked.

The area of interest of our investigation is going to be the children's rooms upstairs. One young girl spends hours at night talking to her closet where the other 2 children say a monster lives. This may be just child hood frights but it bears looking into. The second room where the two older children are supposed to sleep is our focus.

Upon entering the room our team members felt a heaviness on us. The room was not as inviting as the rest of the house. The home owner has felt hot spots in this room. As she is 23 menopause is absolutely out. While in there she got one and using our laser thermometer we were able to record a 4 degree difference at the time it occurred. Ambient was 22C on the client and all present temp registered at 30C when the hot spots occurred beside our client we registered an unexplained 27C reading. This was repeated twice in two separate occurrences. At other times we tried to capture the same to discount equipment malfunctions or any other natural explanation. We were not able to duplicate the result. This may still have a natural explanation but will require further testing.

During our investigation we will be looking further into what our client has claimed and what we ourselves felt and experienced on site. Our goal is to get some answers for our client and make sure they can live in peace and comfort in their home.
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Case Background
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