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 Case background

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PostSubject: Case background    Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:50 pm

This case takes place in a town known as Prescott in the province of Ontario, Canada. The immediate area is in a rather newly developed part of town (some time after 1940). Prior to development the area housed a quarry as well as a town dump in the immediate area with a race track nearby.

One thing our research found is multiple references to Operation Jericho or The Prescott Nightmare. For more detailed information on these there are many reference materials online regarding it. We are simply giving a brief outline as it pertains to our case. Operation Jericho was the name given to Police action taken in the late 1980's and early 1990's in the Prescott area. It dealt with the ritualistic abuse of children from an alleged 120 reported offenders on 162 victims. Many of these ritual abuses were believed to be satanic in nature by some. Some locals our researchers spoke too informed them that the old quarry as well as the town dump were known to be sites where satanic rituals were conducted prior the them being closed down and developed.

There are also reports by many of a small girl that drowned in a drainage gully for the quarry that now runs along the back fences of our clients house. Some have seen here in the woods nearby as well as in the neighbors house where she is believed to have lived at some point. These are unconfirmed but as they came from multiple sources we felt they should be mentioned.

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Case background
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