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PostSubject: Case Results   Case Results EmptySat Apr 19, 2014 10:28 pm

We used a larger team for this location as we were training our new investigators from the Kingston region.  During the investigation there were a few personal experiences reported.  Though none can be verified as they were not captured on any of our equipment.  The night ran long and the sensitives picked up on three separate entities, all of whom seemed to be a bit camera shy unfortunately.  We were able to capture some strange noises and voices on our audio equipment.  

All in all the team did well and our new trainees showed some good aptitude and willingness to learn.  They are eagerly awaiting the next case and we look forward to working with them in the future.  At the conclusion of the night the bishop Plato cleansed and blessed the house to remove any entities that were there.  During this time we captured a very interesting evp.  

This location has been known to have activity in it for as long as it has been standing and no one has lasted more then 6 months there.  The clients had reported activity on an almost daily basis since they arrived there.  In the time since our investigation we have been in contact with them to follow up.  All activity has ceased and the house has been peaceful since.  We are happy to say that they have their home back and we can list this case as closed.
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Case Results
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