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 Research into the location update

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Research into the location update Empty
PostSubject: Research into the location update   Research into the location update EmptySun Jul 20, 2014 4:31 pm

Our research into this case has led us to confirm and locate the names of a number of people who we feel are the ones that are lingering at this location.

The first is the female spirit of Mary she passed away in the kitchen of the house right in front of the basement door. No one knows what happened she was fine one moment then dropped dead instantly. She has been seen in the kitchen, dining room and in the area at the top of the kitchen stairs.

A second entity is of a small girl is reported in the upstairs master bedroom Where there are reports of a baby being still born there. it's not known if that is the girl reported but it is a possibility.

The area above the stables Has two possible entities one is a man who hung himself from the rafters the second is the man who was believed to have been murdered by a biker gang over a drug debt. The murdered man's name we are withholding out of respect for his family.

There are rumors of a prominent family owning the property years ago (sometime in the 1800's or early 1900's) and that they had a son who was either mentally disabled of horribly disfigured. His parents were ashamed of him and he spent most of his life locked in the basement. This is potentially the entity that our sensitive picked up on in the basement. This we cannot confirm but the story was told to us by a number of individuals we were unable to contact the descendants of the family to see if they would confirm this or not.

Our sensitive also picked up on a gentleman who died by suicide on the property. We were able to confirm that a gentleman did in fact gas himself to death by plugging his cars exhaust. The exact location of this is not known but it did occur somewhere on the property.

after our investigation we did all we could to aid these lost souls in going over to the other side. As the location is vacant currently we won't have confirmation of the activity ceasing but we hope that after all we did these lost souls are finally able to find peace.
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Research into the location update
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