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 Claims at location by client.

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Claims at location by client. Empty
PostSubject: Claims at location by client.   Claims at location by client. EmptyThu Oct 31, 2013 9:05 pm

The client says that a spirit of a woman in her mid to late thirties wearing a Victorian era dress has been seen for a few years at various times. There has also been a spirit of a child that has been seen over the last 5 years wearing a white dress with a large bow tied on the back. The best explanation would be Alice from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. These two spirits were present until July 31 when the clients grandkids went home to Florida after a summer visit. They haven't been seen since. These two spirits have never been a concern and have actually been considered part of the family. However, shortly after moving to the home they now reside in they found a new spirit an old man in a fedora. They have never been able to make out a face for this entity. He has been seen usually in the mothers room and upstairs area. Neighbors have reported him being seen in the upstairs window looking out and have confronted the homeowner about a man when they are not home or away. He has also appeared at the bottom of the stairs and kitchen area after the grandkids left.

This entity is the reason for the client contacting us. Over the past months he has been seen at the foot of the clients bed and moving steadily closer and up the side of the bed. The client reports that when this entity is around there is a general negative feeling like this entity doesn't like the client and her family and intends to do them harm. Three weeks ago the entity touched our client on her face. This along with the feelings given off by the entity have our client and her family at their wits end. The next morning she contacted us.

After our initial visit to the home the activity continued last week I was contacted again by our client to tell me she was laying in her bed with her grandson when the feelings of the old man came over her. She shut her eyes and told him to leave them alone. When she opened them the ceiling above her was rippling almost like water. She again told the entity to leave her alone and this time it listened. When told it will go but usually with a show of defiance. They spent the next 2 nights sleeping in the living room.

Our research has found others reporting similar occurrences traced back to a shadow entity known as either the old man in the hat or the "hatman". We intend to treat this entity as an inhuman shadow and will attempt to confirm him or any other spirits present in the house. The primary goal for this investigation is to help the client take back her house and not live in fear of this entity. We will also be looking into ways to remove this negative entity if necessary.
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Claims at location by client.
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