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This Case Takes us across the bridge into Gatineau the family has been living in this house for about 6 years and activity has been there since moving in. The mother seems very level headed as at first scratches in the walls and electrical issues were reported. After installing a squirrel screen on the ducts and having an electrician come in thus eliminating some debunking. This did cause some of the activity to stop but recently things have gotten worse.

There have been a pair of suicides reported in the area but as yet the exact house on the block is unknown. Currently, the house is undergoing a renovation for a family member to move in with the rest of the family on a permanent basis. This may have triggered or at the least added to the the increase in activity. Currently, the renovations are happening in the basement.

The family has reported the smell of marijuana in the house entry way though none use it. (This may be related to a vent in the area we will be looking into this during our investigation). In addition to the continued scratching in the walls there has also been a loud bang reported in the living room cause unknown and has only happened once. Also, cold spots are felt frequently (at least once a week reported) by the children. The son has had his leg squeezed, not menacingly but enough to scare him. A white light or shadow has been seen upstairs in the hall way by the mother at times. Also, objects have moved on there own ranging from an ipad, a laundry basket and Wheel chair. The last straw for our client was when the screen door opened and closed it self repeatedly in front of her. At that point she contacted OPRI.

The client believes her grandfather may be the source of this as in life he was a joker and some of the mannerisms seem similar to things he did. Also, her daughter used to see him at night before moving to this location. During our investigation our team will attempt to document and debunk as many claims as possible also if proven we will take steps to ensure this family can once again live in peace in their home.
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Case Claims
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