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 Case Claims

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PostSubject: Case Claims   Case Claims EmptyFri Oct 02, 2015 6:14 pm

This Client has contacted us about a property South of the city of Ottawa. The house sits on an old farm property which has ties back over one hundred years. This is not the original house but is directly beside it. During our interview the client stated openly that her mother has been known to frequent Psychics though she doesn't believe in any thing paranormal. Until she moved into this house.

The family has experienced many things in the house ranging from noises to objects being moved though they have always written it off to the house settling or the kids moving them. Activity they can't explain include voices being heard from upstairs when no one is there. A baby monitor in the youngest child's room that is motion activated goes off and a mans voice is heard through it sometimes. A toy train has been moved from one side of the room to another in a matter of seconds. The client was alone in the room and turned her back for a second then turned back to find it. There are unconfirmed reports of a murder suicide in the home that our researchers will be attempting to verify. She has heard her name being called from time to time.

The final straw was the seeing the apparition of a small boy with no shirt on standing in the doorway of her bedroom. This was witnessed by a friend also on the screen during a face time session. The daughter of the client (who is in the same age range of the apparition as reported) has claimed this boy comes into her room at night and keeps her awake wanting to play. Also she has seen a man standing outside her door watching her when she sleeps. The Neighbours have reported seeing the boy and a small girl apparition also often when the family is away or the house is unoccupied. The reports are of a 6 year old girl in a white dress with long brown hair. The boy is seen with no shirt and shorts with short brown hair and is aged between 6-10. A previous tenant reported seeing the young girl also. His experience was she would appear behind him in the kitchen and watch. When he saw her he would smile and she would smile back then when he looked away she would vanish. Another tenant left before her one year lease was up but we have not been able to locate her to find out if she also experienced anything in the home.

The overall feel in the house seems that there is nothing truly menacing yet the family is at wits end in how to deal with this activity. We have already began working with them to ease their minds about what is happening and help them take back their house. During our investigation we will be attempting to document and confirm the activity in the house and what/who is the cause. Our ultimate goal is for this family to live comfortably in their house with out fear.
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Case Claims
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