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PostSubject: Case Claims   Case Claims EmptyWed Feb 18, 2015 7:34 pm

This Client reached out to us through our facebook page as she has been dealing with some strange activity for some time in the house she now shares with her mother.  The client has experienced multiple types of activity through out her life from poltergeist like activity around the time of her fathers death to what has been going on currently.

The client (a young woman) reports being touched or groped at times when in bed or the shower mostly.  Also, her hair has been played with while sitting in the living room at times and some scratches have appeared in the morning though she can not confirm the cause she admits it may be natural in origin.  She suffers from nightmares and has taken to sleeping with a crucifix following an incident where she claims to have felt something crawl up her bed on top of her and choke her.  

Her mother as well as a previous boyfriend were both witness to a mirror being thrown off a wall and across the room.  She has many pictures though mostly debunked as dust or pareidolia but there are a few that we will be trying to debunk on site that night.  Electronics do seem to have some issues at times in the house though that may be related to wiring issues another thing we will be looking into on site.  The client claims to have some sensitivities and she and her mother claim to have seen a male spirit present in some pictures as well as once in the kitchen with their own eyes.  Also the smell of pungent body odor was described on occasion.    

The activity all began years earlier at a previous residence which had a rich history dating back about a hundred years.  Our research team is looking into that location.  It was torn down but it's possible a spirit from there may have possibly followed the client to her current residence.  Our sensitive on his initial walk through picked up a male presence in the bedroom as well as another on the stairs in the basement.  We were able to catch something strange at the exact time on the basement stairs but we will be waiting to post that till after the investigation.  

Our team will be looking to find answers as to what the client is experiencing at the location.  We will be attempting to debunk as many of the claims as possible as well as attempt to make contact with the male spirit that the client and our sensitive have reported at the location.  In the end we hope to bring peace to house for all it's inhabitants in any way we can.
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Case Claims
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